This is How Father’s Watch “Game of Thrones”


Game of thrones is one of the top rated TV series out there. It is famous for violence, Art and of course nudity.

Nudity has become common in some Hollywood TV series and people too are liking it.

Indian TV series and movies are too far from that. They don’t contain this much of Nudity let’s say Zero Percent when compared to Game of Thrones

But Indians are quickly attracted to Western cultures and guess what They are completed addicted to Game of Thrones

Don’t know about other countries but in Indian there is this thing going viral, it is different race or some kind of separation between people

People who watch GOT and People who doesn’t.

Watch How Father’s Watch ” Game of Thrones “

Source : YouTube

The above show is created by people at TVF – The Viral Fever, it’s a popular YouTube Channel in India which created many Popular shows like ” The Pitchers and Permanent Roommates “.

They produce many shows like this namely – ” Bareley Speaking with Arnub”, which is a very good hit in 2015, Many popular actors like Shah Rukh Khan and others have been acted in this show

Recently They’ve taken a break and revamped the show and released it as ” Bareley Speaking with Arnub Dwitiya “. Like this shows they below listed video is one of their beautiful creations.

If you would like to check their shows and video, go to and register an account to watch

Context of the Video

The video is about how will the older generation reacts when the watch Game of Thrones for the First Time

So what’s the big deal is? our Parents generally haven’t experienced this kind of Nudity at their age. It has become common for us in our current generation.

The above video is very humorous and well directed. Three friends who are parents in their 50’s try to watch Game of Thrones secretly and pretend that they’re planning for something

Judging the characters in Game of Thrones by them in very funny manner is very good.

After watching a while these people gets addicted to Game of Thrones as usually and they start discussing about Kalisi and Red Women’s beauty and Nudity

They eagerly wait for those people to get unclothed during the show and their tense moments during their watch time is very fun to watch

After Watch Hodor’s exclusive episode in which hodor gets killed, They’re much attached to it and starts using Hodor language to hold the door and use ” Clodor ” to close the door

Eventually their kids find’s out what they’re doing and completely this is very fun to watch


This kind a spoofs and parodies on Game of Thrones shows the hype it’s been generated through out the years

Let’s see how your parents will react after watching Game of Thrones for the first time in the comments

Hope you guys like the video. We will try to share more viral content in this blog and you guys please support us. Thank you.

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